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Palette Knife Oils


The paintings below exist as a collection of memories in the Central Coast of California. Walks with friends, sunrise hikes with others, drives through a gorgeous sunset, quintessential views and the gloriously ordinary. Paint is mixed and applied to wood panels using only a palette knife, developing the motion and dynamism found everywhere in nature. Sizes vary from 10" square to 30" x 40" as noted. If you are interested in a commission, please reach out through the form below!


Thanks, I'll be in touch! - Tyler

I would love to send show updates and announcements of new work direct to your email. More informal snapshots go on my Instagram linked below. 

Pieces at the top of the gallery are typically available. Please contact me through the form above for purchase, and I will reach out for pickup/shipping & payment. Thanks! 8.75% local sales tax will be added.

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