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Moseley Park Masterplan

Leeds Beckett University, England, 2019

The Moseley Park Masterplan envisions a conjoining of preexistent nature and new community needs with the use of a vernacular dry stone wall motif.


Spacially based on the intricate yet regular marking of Birch bark (see right), the multiple groves of trees define a series of park spaces without compromising key views across the park or valley. New dry stone walls, constructed based on traditional local techniques, give form to one side of each small grove to develop microclimates, provide seating opportunity, and further articulate views for both safety and enjoyment. A flexible stormwater mannagement system interacts with pathways, boulders, and drystone walls to give opportunity for visitors to interact creatively with the water at multiple points.

Moseley Beck.JPG
Bracken, Stones & Birch Leaves.JPG
Bracken, Stones & Birch Leaves.JPG
Birch Concept Generation.JPG
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