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Los Ranchos Elementary

California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo, 2018

Collaboration with Lindsey Dubois

The Los Ranchos Elementary School masterplan builds connections and restructures campus elements to capture the school identity and provide a variety of outdoor spaces for learning, play, and social activity

Los Ranchos Masterplan.JPG
School Sketch 2.JPG
Los Ranchos Render2.png

Context was a key driver in the development of both overarching forms and specific design elements. Comments from the teachers sparked a idea of form generation inspired by “planes and trains,” two primary existing elements of school identity. A train passes just east of the school, and aircraft from the San Luis Airport frequently pass overhead. Planes and trains are also both modes of connection, another key part of our vision for the masterplan.

Design Goals

1. Functionalize central quad

2. Reduce campus core heat

3. Define circulation patterns

4. Enhance multi-use playground

5. Develop student pickup/dropoff

Final Render1.png
Los Ranchos Materials.JPG

Proposed project materials included a range of durable hardscape types, evergreen planting, and simple geometric shapes.

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