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Grow Mars

California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo, 2017

Grow Mars Logo Black.png

Project Location: Melas Chasma, Mars.


Grow Mars focuses on large scale community planning with potential for modular expansion. Biological resource scarcity and the presence of diverse mineral deposits on-site led to the development of a framework of replicable Grow Mars Units. Development follows a flexible algorithm of land use and building adjacencies that satisfy basic needs and community comfort.

Big Perspective Mars.png
Mars Building Options.png

Exploded axonometric for a two-acre GMU

Exploded View Mars Pod.png
Mars Site Concept.png
First Three Domes Mars.png

Proposed community expansion plan based on projected resource and infrastructure adjacencies.

Proposed tri-level modular building plans:

Living Quarters | Food Production | Lab & Tech

Phase 1 Grow Mars Unit (GMU)

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